Journal of Arthritis Research and Therapy

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Arthritis Research and Therapy-Medicine-Helena Idborg


Assistant Professor,
Dept. of Medicine (Rheumatology unit),
Karolinska Institutet,


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Helena Idborg


Dept. of Medicine (Rheumatology unit),
Karolinska Institutet,

Research Interests:

Medicine, Analytical Chemistry, Rheumatology, Mass Spectrometry, LC-MS, Proteomics, LC-MS/MS.


Awards / Achievements:
  • Phabian Award, Best thesis of the year within the field of pharmaceutical and bioanalytical analysis, Section of drug analysis, Swedish academy of pharmaceutical science, Stockholm, Sweden.
  1. Multivariate strategy for the sample selection and integration of multi-batch data in metabolomics  By: Surowiec, Izabella; Johansson, Erik; Torell, Frida; et al. METABOLOMICS, OCT 2017, 13, 10    
  2. Dysregulations in circulating sphingolipids associate with disease activity indices in female patients with systemic lupus erythematosus: a cross-sectional study  By: Checa, A.; Idborg, H.; Zandian, A.; et al. LUPUS, SEPT 2017, 26, 10, 1023-1033  
  3. Arg126 and Asp49 Are Essential for the Catalytic Function of Microsomal Prostaglandin E-2 Synthase 1 and Ser127 Is Not  By: Raouf, Joan; Rafique, Nazmi; Goodman, Michael Christopher; et al. PLOS ONE, SEP 2016, 11, 9
  4. Pulmonary epithelial cancer cells and their exosomes metabolize myeloid cell-derived leukotriene C-4 to leukotriene D-4 By: Lukic, Ana; Ji, Jie; Idborg, Helena; et al. JOURNAL OF LIPID RESEARCH, SEP 2016, 57, 9, 1659-1669
  5. Structural and Functional Analysis of Calcium Ion Mediated Binding of 5-Lipoxygenase to Nanodiscs, Kumar, Ramakrishnan B., Zhu, Lin, Idborg, Helena, Radmark, Olof, Jakobsson, Per-Johan, Rinaldo-Matthis, Agnes, Hebert, Hans, Jegerschold, Caroline, PLOS ONE, MAR 24 2016, 2016, 11, 3
  6. Impaired vagus-mediated immunosuppression in microsomal prostaglandin E synthase-1 deficient mice, Le Maitre, Erwan, Revathikumar, Priya, Idborg, Helena, Raouf, Joan, Korotkova, Marina, Jakobsson, Per-Johan, Lampa, Jon, PROSTAGLANDINS & OTHER LIPID MEDIATORS, SEP 2015, 2015, 121 
  7. COX/mPGES-1/PGE(2) pathway depicts an inflammatory-dependent high-risk neuroblastoma subset, Larsson, Karin; Kock, Anna; Idborg, Helena; Henriksson, Marie Arsenian; Martinsson, Tommy; Johnsen, John I.; Korotkova, Marina; Kogner, Per; Jakobsson, Per-Johan, PROCEEDINGS OF THE NATIONAL ACADEMY OF SCIENCES OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, JUN 30 2015, 2015, 112, 26
  8. Evaluation of urinary prostaglandin E-2 metabolite as a biomarker in infants with fever due to viral infection, Idborg, Helena; Pawelzik, Sven-Christian; Perez-Manso, Monica; Bjork, Lars; Hamrin, Johan; Herlenius, Eric; Jakobsson, Per-Johan, PROSTAGLANDINS LEUKOTRIENES AND ESSENTIAL FATTY ACIDS, DEC 2014, 2014, 91, 6
  9. Effects of mPGES-1 deletion on eicosanoid and fatty acid profiles in mice, Idborg, Helena; Olsson, Petter; Leclerc, Patrick; Raouf, Joan; Jakobsson, Per-Johan; Korotkova, Marina, PROSTAGLANDINS & OTHER LIPID MEDIATORS, DEC 2013, 107
  10. Characterization of a human and murine mPGES-1 inhibitor and comparison to mPGES-1 genetic deletion in mouse models of inflammation, Leclerc, Patrick; Idborg, Helena; Spahiu, Linda; Larsson, Charlotte; Nekhotiaeva, Natalia; Wannberg, Johan; Stenberg, Patric; Korotkova, Marina; Jakobsson, Per-Johan, PROSTAGLANDINS & OTHER LIPID MEDIATORS, DEC 2013, 2013, 107