Journal of Behavior Therapy And Mental Health

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Behavior Therapy And Mental Health-Neurocognitive Assessments-Maclean Vokhiwa


International Centre for Behavioral Studies - ICBS

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Maclean Vokhiwa


P.O Box 3045

Research Interests:

Neurocognitive Assessments, Developmental Psychology, Mental health, Wellness, Behavioral Research, Malaria.


  • I am enjoying an active career in clinical, developmental, behavioral-related research and mental health wellness promotion services. 
  • Special particular interest and focus on child development psychological assessments of functions including attention, memory, learning difficulties and intervention assistance for both preschool and school age children. 
  • Investigator: Early Treatment with Rectal Artesunate to Halt Disease Progression and Reduce Disability in Survivors: The Neurocognitive Assessment of Children in Study 13
  • Investigator: International Centre for Behavioral Studies (ICBS) network of research and applied scientists working in the fields of Psychology, medicine, and Special Education
  • Investigator: Neurocognitive and psychosocial effects of cerebral malaria:  establishing the exposure/control cohort, Blantyre Malaria Project and Department of Paediatrics: University of Malawi, College of Medicine
  • Researcher: Cognitive Outcomes & Psychiatric Symptoms (COPS) of Cerebral Malaria Blantyre Malaria Project, Queen Elizabeth Central Hospital, Blantyre Malawi Wellness & Employee Assistance professional: CORPORATE WELLNESS SOLUTIONS, Blantyre Malawi
  • Investigator: The Association between Maternal Mental Health (Depression) and Infant Nutrition research - Dr. Robert Stewart’s (College of Medicine, Malawi/ Manchester University, UK)

Selected peer-reviewed publications:

  1. The United Nations Children’s Fund (Unicef), Guide To Monitoring And Evaluation Of The National Response for Children Orphaned and Made Vulnerable By Hiv/Aids, Feb 2005, UNICEF), New York 
  2. Robert C. Stewart, Eric Umar, Felix Kauye, James Bunn, Maclean Vokhiwa , Margaret Fitzgerald , Barbara Tomenson , Atif Rahman and Francis Creed, Maternal common mental disorder and infant growth  a cross-sectional study from Malawi, Martenal & Child Nutrition, 2008 Volume 4 Issue 3, Pages 209  219
  3. R. Stewart, F. Kauye, E. Umar, M. Vokhiwa, J. Bunn, M. Fitzgerald, B. Tomenson, A. Rahman, F. Creed, Validation of a Chichewa version of the Self-Reporting Questionnaire (SRQ) as a brief screening measure for maternal depressive disorder in Malawi, Africa, Journal of Affective Disorders, 2008, Volume 112, Issue 1, Pages 126-134
  4. Stewart R.C., Bunn J, Vokhiwa M., Umar E., Kauye F.C., Fitzgerald M, Tomenson B, Rahman A, Creed F., Common Mental Disorder And Associated Factors Amongst Women With Young Infants In Rural Malawi, Social Psychiatry and Psychiatric Epidemiology, 2009 Jul 17.
  5. R. C. Stewart, J. Bunn, M. Vokhiwa, E. Umar, F. Kauye, B. Tomenson, A. Rahman and F. Creed, A prospective study of psychological distress among mothers of children admitted to a nutritional rehabilitation unit in Malawi, Child: care, health and development, 1365-2214.2010
  6. Boivin, M.J., Gladstone M.J., Vokhiwa M., Magen J.G., Taylor T.E., Kauye F.C., Semrud-Clikeman M., Birbeck G.L., & Page C., Developmental Outcomes in Malawian Children With Retinopathy-Confirmed Cerebral Malaria in Malawian Children, Tropical Medicine and International Health, volume 16 no 3 pp 263271 march 2011
  7. Boivin M.J, Maclean Vokhiwa, Magen J.G., The Correspondence Validity of Malawian Preschool Developmental Assessment and School-age neurocognitive Performance in the Longitudinal Assessment of Severe Malaria, The Lancet, published online June 17, 2013; Global Health Metrics & Evaluation: Data, Debates & Directions, June 2013
  8. Boivin M.J., Vokhiwa M., Sikorskii A., Magen J.G., & Beare N.A., Cerebral Malaria Retinopathy Predictors of Persisting Neurocognitive Outcomes in Malawian Children; Pediatric Infectious Deseases Journal, April 2014, PMID24763139.