Journal of Cancer Genetics And Biomarkers

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Cancer Genetics And Biomarkers-Biomarkers-Swapna  Apte-Sengupta

United States

Purdue Univeristy

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Swapna Apte-Sengupta


240, S. Martin Jischke Dr.
West Lafayette, IN 47907, USA

Research Interests:

Biomarkers, Drug targets, Infectious diseases, cancers, viruses, proteomics, metabolomics


  • I am from India where I did my schooling and undergrad from MS University, Baroda and Devi Ahilya University Indore, India.
  • Then I moved to the United States to join University of California, Riverside, where I got my masters degree in microbiology.
  • From there, I came to Purdue to pursue Ph.D. in Molecular Virology at Biological sciences department under Dr. David A. Sanders.
  • Here, I studied Retroviruses (HIV-related viruses) and alphaviruses (VEEV) and the aspect of virus entry, assembly and membrane fusion.
  • I joined Mayo Clinic, Rochester MN as a research fellow to work with Dr. Roberto Cattaneo to study Measles virus entry, glycoprotein interactions and membrane fusion triggering.
  • Currently, I am working in Dr. Richard Kuhn's Lab at Purdue Structural Biology as a research associate and studying Dengue virus-induced perturbations in the host proteome and metabolomic environment.