Journal of Clinical and Practical Nursing

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Clinical and Practical Nursing-Nursing-Tiziana Lavalle


PArma and Bologna University

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Tiziana Lavalle


V. Castagnola G.F. 37,
43126 Parma (Italy)

Research Interests:

Nursing, Public Health, Management


  • Dr. Tiziana Lavalle is a PhD graduate in Public Health and is working at the highlight of her career with the Bologna Health Authority as the Director of Health Operator Training.
  • With her position she projects, programs, and organizes continued education for 1,200 people incorporating the local health authorities in Bologna and continued health education for professionals.
  • Tiziana organizes graduate courses, for nurses and technicians within a dynamic clinical training center.
  • Tiziana received her PhD degree at the University of Bologna in Public Health, she also has received degrees in Nursing and Obstetric Sciences and Health Care Services Management and Administration.
  • Tiziana is inspired and passionate about helping others with their goals and continued education.
  • She is a member of the Italian Neuroscience Association and Italian Association of Neurosciences Nursing.
  • Tiziana is interested in building a professional international network in her field.
  • She enjoys reading, travelling, and political science.