Journal of Clinical Research In HIV AIDS And Prevention

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Clinical Research In HIV AIDS And Prevention-Dr. Tamerus team research interest is in the area of Computational Epidemiology-Berhanu Tameru


Professor of Mathematical Epidemiology & Risk Analysis
Director, Center for Computational Epidemiology, Bioinformatics & Risk Analysis (CCEBRA) and Biomedical Information Management Systems (BIMS)



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Berhanu Tameru


College of VM, Nursing & Allied Health
Williams-Bowie Hall 107
Tuskegee, AL 36088

Research Interests:

  • Dr. Tamerus team research interest is in the area of Computational Epidemiology, Bioinformatics and Risk Analysis focuses on computational science with the goal of developing models that can be used in epidemiologic problem-solving and decision-making of animal, plant and human diseases. 
  • Current research areas include: dynamic (spatial-temporal systems analysis) and stochastic modeling; optimization models (linear/non-linear and dynamic programming); multivariate statistical models; expert systems models; neural networks and genetic algorithms; risk analysis and modeling. 
  • With his team he has worked on such diseases as HIV/AIDS, Cancer and in Risk Analysis models his team developed for such diseases as foot and mouth disease (FMD),H1N5, H1N1, bovine spongiform encephalopathy (BSE) (Released by the Secretary of Agriculture Ann M.Veneman, 2001 ) classical swine fever, citrus canker and others. 
  • He has collaborated with the USDA, the Harvard Center for Risk Analysis, the University of Maryland College of Engineering, FDA and others.


Awards and honours:

  • 2007 Indo-US AKI Workshop, USDA/ANGRA University/ICAR/TU, Capacity Building for Risk Analysis and Modelling to Promote Agriculture trade in India.
  • 2007 Tuskegee University, Recognition for Service as a Prostate Cancer Educator.
  • 2010 Tuskegee University, Outstanding Faculty Performance Award for Research.
  • 2011 Fort Valley State University, Appreciation for Outstanding Dedication and Service Above and Beyond The Call of Duty.
  • 2011 Pfizer, Pfizer Award For Veterinary Research Excellence.
  • 2013 Tuskegee University Faculty Achivement Award.