Journal of Drug Resistant Pathogen Research

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Drug Resistant Pathogen Research-MIcrobial Pathogenesis-Aishwarya Devaraj

United States

Nationwide Children's Hospital

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Aishwarya Devaraj


700 Children's Dr,
OH 43205,

Research Interests:

MIcrobial Pathogenesis, Host-pathogen interactions, Mechanisms of drug resistance, Biofilm mediated diseases and their resistance mechanisms


  • In my postdoctoral research I have examined the extracellular matrix of bacterial biofilms in upper airway and urinary tract, and have uncovered the means by which bacterial biofilms protect themselves against the host immune system and antimicrobial therapies.
  • I have also successfully developed strategies to study the biology of biofilm formation of these pathogenic bacteria.
  • My graduate research experience in understanding the mechanism of bacterial protein synthesis has given me hands on training on a gamut of basic and advanced biochemistry, genomics, proteomics, molecular biology and genetic engineering techniques.
  • I have worked extensively on elucidating kinetic constants to understand the mechanistic pathway for the synthesis of proteins in bacteria.
  • I have worked with proteins and RNA for at least five years and have a breadth of knowledge about working with RNA and proteins.
  • I have published 10 peer reviewed original research articles in various journals with an average impact factor of 6.3.
  • My research experience over the past 10 years and my peer review experience leave me in a confident position to extend my expertise to serve on the Editorial board.