Journal of Energy Conservation

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Energy Conservation-Innovative and effective technology solutions-John Kaiser Calautit

United Kingdom

University of Leeds

+44 (0) 7544158981

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John Kaiser Calautit


School of Civil Engineering,
University of Leeds,
Leeds, UK

Research Interests:

  • Innovative and effective technology solutions
  • Engineering and technology
  • Green technologies
  • Design optimisation methods
  • Computational modelling


  • Dr Calautit received his Mechanical Engineering (Class I) honours degree from Heriot Watt University in 2010 and his Ph.D from the University of Leeds in 2013.
  • He has held full time academic positions in two of the UK’s leading institutions namely the University of Leeds and the University of Sheffield.
  • Research output includes peer-reviewed journal publications in Applied Energy, Architectural Science Review, Building and Environment, Energy in Buildings, Renewable Energy, Journal of Wind Engineering & Industrial Aerodynamics and Chemical Engineering Transactions.
  • Dr Calautit is the Deputy Editor of Engineering Sustainability in the Institution of Civil Engineers (ICE) and the Associate Editor of the upcoming journal Innovative Infrastructure Solutions in Springer.
  • He is member of the editorial board of International Journal of Modelling and Optimization, American Journal of Civil Engineering and Architecture, International Journal of Advances in Engineering and Technology, Architecture and Environment, International Journal of Sustainable Energy and Environment, Journal of High Performance Computing, International Journal of Advanced Renewable Energy Research, American Journal of Modelling and Optimization and Global Journal of Mathematical Analysis.
  • Dr Calautit is also a regular reviewer of international journals including; Building and Environment, Energy and Buildings, Applied Energy, Energy, Sustainable Cities and Society, Building Simulation, The Aeronautical Journal, Open Journal of Energy Efficiency, International Journal of Energy Engineering and Computational Water, Energy, and Environmental Engineering and book publisher Wiley.
  • Dr Calautit serves on the scientific and review committees of international conferences including Sustainability in Energy and Buildings, The Energy Forum, Zero Energy Mass Custom Home, International Symposium on Tools and Methods of Competitive Engineering, The International Conference on Sustainable Systems and the Environment, International Conference on Industrial Design Engineering, International Conference on Computational Modelling, Simulation and Analysis and European Conference on Innovation and Entrepreneurship.