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Evolutionary Science-Coastal environmental changes and coastal ecosystem-Mei-Lin Wu


South China Sea Institute of Oceanology,
Chinese Academy of Sciences.


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Mei-Lin Wu


Add: 1803B 2#Building,
164 Xingang Road west,
Guangzhou, Guangdong, China 
Post code:  510301.

Research Interests:

Coastal environmental changes and coastal ecosystem, Marine nitrogen biogeochemistry, Coastal water quality.


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  2. Mei-Lin Wu*, You-ShaoWang, Yu-TuWang, Jian-Ping Yin, Jun-De Dong, Zhao-Yu Jiang, Fu-Lin Sun Scenarios of nutrient alterations and responses of phytoplankton in a changing Daya Bay, South China Sea  Journal of Marine Systems,2017,165:1–12 (SCI).
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