Journal of Evolving Stem Cell Research

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Evolving Stem Cell Research-Mesenchymal stem cells
Multiple sclerosis
Traumatic spinal cord injury
-Roberto Oliveri


Cell Therapy Facility,
Dept. of Clinical Immunology,
Copenhagen University Hospital Rigshospitalet

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Roberto Oliveri


The Blood Bank, Dept. of Clinical Immunology 2034,
Copenhagen University Hospital Rigshospitalet,
Blegdamsvej 9,
DK-2100 Copenhagen,

Research Interests:

Mesenchymal stem cells
Multiple sclerosis
Traumatic spinal cord injury


  • Experience with hESCs and MSCs. Current interest in the clinical use of bone marrow-derived MSCs in neurological disorders, and adipose tissue-derived MSCs in reconstructive plastic surgery.


  1. Enrichment of autologous fat grafts with ex-vivo expanded adipose tissue-derived stem cells for graft survival: A randomised placebo-controlled trial.
  2. How I treat patients with massive hemorrhage.
  3. Transarterial (chemo)embolisation for unresectable hepatocellular carcinoma.
  4. Chinese Hamster Ovary Cells Resistant to the Topoisomerase II Catalytic Inhibitor ICRF-159: A Tyr49Phe Mutation Confers High-Level Resistance to Bisdioxopiperazines.
  5. Immunoflourescence and mRNA Analysis of Human Embryonic Stem Cells (hESCs) Grown Under Feeder-Free Conditions.
  6. Importance of mesenchymal stem cells in autologous fat grafting: A systematic review of existing studies.
  7. Pooled human lysate versus fetal bovine serum-Investigating the proliferation rate, chromosome stability and angiogenic potential of human adipose tissue-derived stem cells intended for clinical use..
  8. Mesenchymal stem cell therapy for salivary gland dysfunction and xerostomia: A systematic review of preclinical studies.
  9. The use of viscoelastic haemostatic assays in goal-directing treatment with allogeneic blood products – A systematic review and meta-analysis.
  10. First-in-man mesenchymal stem cells for radiation-induced xerostomia (MESRIX): Study protocol for a randomized controlled trial.