Journal of Immunology and Geriatrics

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Immunology and Geriatrics-Molecular correlates of Immune response-Dhaarini Murugan

United States

Post Doctoral Researcher.

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Dhaarini Murugan


930, SW Gibbs street, 
Apt# 12, 
OR 97239,
United States.

Research Interests:

  • Molecular correlates of Immune response
  • Tumor Immunology
  • Genomics


  • Dhaarini Murugan graduated at Madurai University, India, and joined the Hannover Medical School MD PhD program in 2010.
  • She was interested in shedding light on immunological mechanisms that control tolerance towards the microbiome in the human intestinal tract.
  • Dhaarina analyzed immune cells from patients with very rare genetic defects, helped to discover new defects and contributed to our understanding of the IL-10 pathway in colitis.
  • Dhaarini (co-)authored several scientific manuscripts published in major peer-reviewed journals such as the New England Journal of Medicine, Blood, Gastroenterology, and the Journal of Clinical Immunology.
  • Currently, she is a postdoctoral fellow in Lisa Coussen’s laboratory at the Knight Cancer Institute, Oregon Health State University, USA.