International Journal of Amino Acids

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International Journal of Amino Acids-Photocatalysis.-Zhiliang Jin


School of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering,
North Minzu University,
Yinchuan 750021,

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Zhiliang Jin


School of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering, 
North Minzu University,
Yinchuan 750021, 

Research Interests:

  • Photocatalysis.
  • Environment Catalysis.


In the area of coal chemical engineering

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In the area of inorganic chemistry

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  4. In the area of photocatalytic hydrogen production and catalytic elimination for organic contaminations.
  5. Zhiliang Jin, Gongxuan Lu, Efficiently Photocatalytic Hydrogen Evolution over Ptx-TiO2-yBy Catalysts in a Ternary System of K+,Mg2+B4O72-—H2O at 25℃, Energy & Fuels, 2005, 19, 1126 - 1132.
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