International Journal of Lipids

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International Journal of Lipids-Lipids Liposomes Nano drug delivery RNAi therapeutics Viruses Membranes Membrane Fusion-Anu Puri

United States

National Institutes of Health


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Anu Puri


bldg 560/Room 11-1A 1050 Boyles Street Frederick, MD 21702

Research Interests:

Lipids Liposomes Nano drug delivery RNAi therapeutics Viruses Membranes Membrane Fusion, biomembranes, membrane lipids (structure, function and analysis), virology (virus-receptor interactions), nanomedicine, lipid-based drug delivery platforms


  • Dr. Puri received her Ph.D. degree in chemistry from the Central Drug Research Institute, Lucknow, India studying the chemical synthesis of modified phospholipids and possible use of their liposomes in drug delivery. 
  • Dr. Puri is developing cancer nanomedicine tools that are activated by light for on-demand drug release to improve cancer treatment of patients. 
  • She is also developing nanobiosensors for raid detection of pathogens in patient’s samples.
  • Dr. Puri’s research focuses on the unfolding mechanisms of entry pathways of enveloped viruses. 
  • Using cell biological, biophysical, biochemical approaches, she has studied the assemblies of molecular scaffolds of viral proteins and their receptors that are essential for infection of rhabdo, orthomyxo, paramyxo and retroviruses.
  • Currently she holds the Research Biologist position at the CCR Nanobiology Program, NCI-Frederick, NIH. Her research revolves around several themes including 

           (a) Cell Biology of Viral Entry, 
           (b) Development of Lipid-Based Nanoparticles for Targeted Delivery of Cancer Therapeutics 
           (c) Development of nano-scale diagnostic tools for detection of pathogens and cancer biomarkers, and 
           (d) Mechanisms of opportunistic infections in AIDS and related diseases.