Journal of Clinical Research In HIV AIDS And Prevention

Journal of Clinical Research In HIV AIDS And Prevention

Journal of Clinical Research In HIV AIDS And Prevention

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Journal of Clinical Research in HIV AIDS and Prevention is a peer-reviewed, open-access journal that focuses on publishing high-quality research related to HIV AIDS prevention, treatment, and clinical research. The journal aims to provide a platform for researchers, clinicians, and public health professionals to share their findings and insights.

JCRHAP aims to provide a comprehensive review of cutting-edge clinical research, innovative strategies, and promising interventions in the areas of HIV vaccine, Vaccine development, Viral Pathogenesis, Antiviral therapy. With the global effort to combat the HIV/AIDS epidemic, it is crucial to highlight the significant progress and challenges in this area of research.

Authors can access detailed information about the article processing charges (APC) for submitting and publishing with JCRHAP. It is designed to uphold the highest publication standards and maximize the reach of work.

Why JCRHAP follows Peer-Reviewed Model?

The rigorous process of peer review is at the heart of scholarly publishing, ensuring the integrity and quality of published research. For open access journals, the absence of subscription fees means that APCs are necessary to compensate for the costs of this process. The APCs enable JCRHAP to maintain an esteemed pool of reviewers and editors who uphold the journal's standards of excellence.

Why JCRHAP follows Open Access Publication Model?

JCRHAP follows an open access publication model for several reasons. Open access ensures that research findings are freely available to the global scientific community, allowing for greater dissemination and accessibility of knowledge. This can lead to increased visibility and impact of the research, as well as facilitating collaboration and innovation.

The pricing of articles will be categorized by their types, with article processing charges (APC) ranging from $900 to $3600 USD.  


1. Waivers for Authors from Low-Income Countries:

We offer partial waivers of publication fees for authors from low-income countries. These waivers are available to support researchers who may not have the financial resources to cover publication costs.

2. Discounts for Students

We provide discounts on publication fees for students who are the primary authors of the research papers. This is aimed at encouraging student researchers to publish their work and contribute to the scientific community.

3. Waivers for Researchers with Limited Funding:

We offer waivers on publication fees for researchers who have limited funding or are affiliated with institutions that face financial constraints. This is to ensure that valuable research from these individuals can still be disseminated through JCRHAP.


Withdrawl Charges:

After 3 days of submission, a withdrawal of the paper will incur a charge of 50% of the Article Processing Charges (APC). Please consider this before submitting a manuscript. It is unethical to submit elsewhere without officially withdrawing a manuscript, and such behavior will be addressed accordingly.

Please get in touch with us for further information regarding the waivers mentioned.

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