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Page Numbers  1-6

Application of a Cardiac Septal Occluder in a Patient Affected by Enteroatmospheric Fistula

Basirico Floriana  1 Galli Alessandro  1 Giudicissi Rosina  1 Fucini Claudio  1


Page Numbers  7-16

Restoration of Bowel Continuity After Emergency Hartmann’s Procedure

V. Roig Jose  1  2 Aguado Marta  3 Lluis Felix  4 Garcia-Calvo Rafael  5 Aguilo Javier  6 Hernandis Juan  7 Cantos Miriam  1 Landete Francisco  8 Garcia-Armengol Juan  1  2


Page Numbers  17-25

Psychological “Risks” of Colonoscopy are Greater Amongst Fecal Immunohistochemical Test Positive Individuals than those with Inflammatory Bowel Disease

Mountifield Reme  1  2 M Andrews Jane  3  2  4 Prosser Ruth  1 Mikocka-Walus Antonina  5 Bobridge Amanda  2 Bampton Peter  1  2


Page Numbers  26-35

Compliance to Company Based Colorectal Cancer Screening in Germany using Fecal Immunochemical Test (FIT) - Results of Almost Half a Million FIT Tests

Claudia Pieper  1 Eman Alkhalawi  1 Johannes Reinholz  2 Dmitrii Gushin  2

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