Journal of Drug Resistant Pathogen Research

Journal of Drug Resistant Pathogen Research

Journal of Drug Resistant Pathogen Research

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About The Journal

Journal Overview

Journal of Drug-Resistant Pathogen Research (JDRPR) is a scholarly open access peer-reviewed journal that provides an international platform for the exchange and dissemination of innovative and up-to-date research findings on drug-resistant pathogen research. It deals with the advancement of the diagnosis and prevention of drug-resistant pathogens. JDRPR publishes original research articles, review articles, case reports, clinical images, and brief communications that provide insights into the epidemiology, diagnosis, and treatment of these resistant pathogens. 


Resistant pathogens can cause a wide range of infections including respiratory, gastrointestinal, vaginal, and urinary tract infections. JDRPR is devoted to the publication of mechanistic approaches and strategies to combat the global emergence of drug resistance.


The journal covers a wide range of topics such as emerging and re-emerging pathogenic diseases, viral and bacterial drug resistance, molecular genetics of drug resistance, transmission pathways, and antibiotic stewardship. It also covers preventive methods, infection control and surveillance, vaccine development and immunization strategies, clinical management and laboratory diagnosis.



JDRPR is particularly relevant to researchers and clinicians working in the field of drug-resistant pathogen research. The journal publishes high-quality research articles on topics such as antibiotic resistance, emerging and re-emerging infectious diseases as well as other relevant topics. The journal provides a platform for scientists to discuss their results and opinions on the most important questions within drug-resistant pathogen research. 


JDRPR publishes articles in English, By publishing in the journal provides a unique platform for authors to engage in the global scientific community and make their work available to the world for free. 


Instructions for authors

The journal requests authors to adhere to its Instructions for Authors in order to ensure the quality and accuracy of the research published in it. Authors are requested to adhere to the ethical standards of their respective fields and ensure the accuracy of their manuscripts. All manuscripts should be submitted to the journal in electronic form for review. The journal provides a fast, accurate, and rigorous peer review process by an experienced editorial board of international researchers.


Editorial Board 

The journal has a distinguished Editorial Board, consisting of experts from academia, scientific research, and industry, who are recruited from all over the world. The board provides a valuable service to the journal by ensuring the highest quality and accuracy of content in the journal. The team reviews and evaluates all manuscripts submitted to the journal and makes decisions about publication. The review process is rigorous and all manuscripts are subject to peer review by two or more international experts in the field.



For article submission, the authors are expected to follow the journal's guidelines. All submitted manuscripts are peer-reviewed by experts in the field. The journal also has a policy of rapid review, which means that the peer-review process is usually completed within two weeks. The authors should provide clear and concise manuscripts as per the guidelines in order to facilitate the review and publication process. All manuscripts should follow the ethical guidelines of publishing and should adhere to the guidelines of the journal.


All submissions can be done at our Online Manuscript Submission System. Authors are requested to submit their articles directly to Online Manuscript Submission. If you have difficulty in filling the online form, you can also send us via e-mail as an attachment to the Editorial Office [email protected] or “chat with us” by clicking the blue button at the left corner of the page.

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