Journal of Endocrinology And Hormones

Journal of Endocrinology And Hormones

Journal of Endocrinology And Hormones

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Page Numbers  1-15

Identification of insulin-sensitive obese vs. insulin resistant obese postmenopausal women: Evaluation of surrogate indices of insulin sensitivity.

Elisha Belinda  1  2 Chabot Katherine  1  2 Fellahi Soraya  3  4  5 Taleb Nadine  1  2 Disse Emmanuel  6 D. Karelis Antony  7 Prud homme Denis  8  9 Rabasa-Lhoret Remi  1  2 Philippe Bastard Jean  3  4  5


Page Numbers  16-24

β-Cell function in type 1 diabetes may not be as low as presumed

Tamer Gonca  1 Dogan Burcu  2 Telci Caklili Ozge  3


Page Numbers  25-34

Histological Studies of Effect of Dichlorvos on Hypothalamic-Pituitary-Testicular Axis Following the Administration of Mimosa PudicaExtract

Linus Anderson Enye  1 Tunde Oluwasimirin  1 Edem Edem  1 Olusola S Saka  1 Adeshina Adekeye  1


Page Numbers  35-41

Histomorphomertric Analysis Of Hormonal Contraceptive Pills On Anterior Pituitary Gland In Female Wister Rats

A Abubakar S.  1 Ladan B.A Yakubu A.A  1

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