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Editor Benefits

Role of Editor: 

The primary responsibility of the editor is to conduct a thorough review of the article with the aim of enhancing the quality of the journal. Additionally, the editor ensures that the article adheres to the specific style guide requested by the journal. The editor suggests changes to the article and checks for grammar, spelling, or any other errors. Ultimately, the editor ensures that the article meets the highest standards and is ready for publication.

The main goal of reviewing an article is to provide feedback on the content and quality of the article in order to help the author improve the article and address any issues in the article. 

Benefits of reviewing the article:
  • Working as an editor can be a very intellectual job that encourages reading, writing, and critical thinking skills.
  • As an editor, you can establish connections with other professionals in the scope, particularly writers and publishers, which can open up numerous new opportunities.
  • Adding information about reviewed articles to your profile can enhance your professional status.
  • By examining scholarly articles, you can acquire knowledge pertaining to the latest developments in a particular field of research.
  • As an editor, you have the power to shape the field by selecting articles for publication and working with authors to improve their submissions.
  • An editor certificate can be issued upon request to the Editor of JOS. It is important to note that registration as an editor alone does not entitle you to this certificate.


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