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Page Numbers  1-3

Left Brachiocephalic Vessel Venous Tumor Thrombus in a Laryngeal Cancer Patient Detected with PET-CT Imaging

Ozcan Kara Pelin  1 Pinar Koc Zehra  1 Sabri Tezer Mesut  2 Kara Taylan  3


Page Numbers  4-16

Postulation of the Effect of Unpredicted Predisposing Factors for Post-Tonsillectomy Bleeding

Mohamed Bofares Khaled  1


Page Numbers  17-29

Inferior Turbinate Surgery: Difficulties Between the Decision-Making and the Selection of Proper Technique

Mohamed Bofares Khaled  1


Page Numbers  30-37

Stem Cell Differentiation Stage Factors (SCDSFs) Taken from Zebrafish Embryo during Organogenesis and their Role as Epigenetics Regulators able to Reverse Neurosensory Hearing Loss

Mario Biava Pier  1 Ciaurelli Stefano  2 Benzi Cipelli Riccardo  3 Pisano Gianpaolo  4

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