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Journal of Pediatric Health And Nutrition

Journal of Pediatric Health And Nutrition

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Journal of Pediatric Health And Nutrition (JPHN) is a journal that focuses on the study of health and nutrition in infants and children. The journal publishes reports on a wide range of medical and scientific topics related to the care of pediatric patients, including nutrition and metabolic disorders, endocrinology, gastrointestinal diseases, respiratory problems, and infectious diseases. It also covers topics such as psychology, developmental disability, mental health, and growth and development, as well as research on the economic and social aspects of promoting pediatric health and nutrition. 


The primary goal of JPHN is to disseminate new and innovative ideas that contribute to the advancement of research, knowledge, and practice in the health and nutrition of infants and children. It publishes original scientific reports, reviews, and perspectives on all relevant topics in these fields, as well as high-impact research on the physiological, genetic, metabolic, and epidemiological basis of pediatric health and nutrition. The journal also encourages the development of new methodologies in the areas covered.



The Journal of Pediatric Health And Nutrition(JPHN) strives to provide impactful, timely, and evidence-based research to the pediatric health and nutrition community through the publication of full-length articles. The editorial board of JPHN features experts in the field of pediatric health and nutrition, providing rigorous and comprehensive peer review and editorial direction. 


By selecting JPHN, authors benefit from open access publication, potentially larger readership, and faster indexing. Furthermore, JPHN has the highest standard of scientific integrity, providing the highest quality of review with the goal of publishing articles of the highest relevance and importance to the pediatric health and nutrition field. 


Instructions for authors

Authors interested in submitting their work to JPHN should refer to the journal's Instructions for Authors. Authors should keep in mind that all submissions must be original, unpublished work and that each submission should include a concise, informative abstract. JPHN will review all submissions for scientific accuracy, appropriateness, and clarity. Authors should also be aware that all published works will be subject to a single-blind peer review process.


Editorial Board

The editorial board of the Journal of Pediatric Health And Nutrition(JPHN) is composed of internationally renowned researchers and clinicians who are experts in their respective fields. They are committed to providing relevant and timely information to the international community on pediatric health and nutrition. The editorial board includes physicians, nutritionists, dietitians, epidemiologists, and public health specialists who are devoted to advancing the field of pediatric health and nutrition through their articles and reviews. In addition, the board actively participates in the journal's strategic activities, including setting the journal's goals and objectives.


Article Processing Charges

The journal operates an Article Processing Charge (APC) which covers the costs associated with the publication process. This includes editorial technical support, document and peer-review management, and the dissemination of accepted article versions. The APC is set to a reasonable rate to ensure that authors can afford to have their research published. 


Article Submission Procedure

Journal of Pediatric Health And Nutrition(JPHN) encourages the submission of original research papers, review articles, short communications, and case reports that reflect the wide scope of pediatric healthcare and nutrition. Potential authors are recommended to follow the submission guidelines mentioned on the journal's website for the successful submission of manuscripts. All manuscripts are subject to peer review and editorial decisions are based on their suitability for the journal. JPHN is committed to the highest standards of publication ethics and takes appropriate measures against any publication misconduct.


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