Journal of Sleep And Sleep Disorder Research

Journal of Sleep And Sleep Disorder Research

Journal of Sleep And Sleep Disorder Research

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About The Journal

Journal of Sleep and Sleep Disorder Research (JSDR) is an open access peer-reviewed scientific journal. JSDR focuses on the scientific aspects of sleep, sleep health, and sleep disorders in adults, children, and various other species. The journal provides a platform for the dissemination of original research, review articles, short communications, and case reports related to the field of sleep and sleep disorder research. The journal provides a platform for sleep scientists to publish their research and share their findings with a larger audience. 



Journal of Sleep and Sleep Disorder Research(JSDR) has a distinguished team of expert authors, editors, and reviewers that provide thorough, accurate, and timely reviews of the research published in the journal. The open access system allows authors to share articles with a greater audience, enabling the discovery of new knowledge and the advancement of science. This provides increased visibility to the author's work and promotes a faster, more efficient review process. JSDR publishes original research articles, review articles, case studies, short communications, and editorial comments that contribute to a better understanding of sleep and sleep disorder research.


The journal's open access model allows for rapid publication and increased accessibility of articles, making them available to a wider readership and providing greater exposure for the author's work. Journal of Sleep and Sleep Disorder Research(JSDR) is dedicated to providing authors with a reliable, efficient, and rapid review process. All published articles are freely available to readers, allowing them to access and use content without any cost or restrictions. 


Submission Procedure

Submission can take place by an online submission form and it encourages authors to submit manuscripts related to different aspects of sleep and sleep disorders that contribute to improving the understanding of the field. Submitted articles should provide original insights and include novel data, ideas, and research findings. All submitted manuscripts will be reviewed by the journal's editorial board to determine their suitability for publication. The journal also provides guidance to authors and takes special efforts to ensure the accuracy, completeness, and clarity of the content published in their journal. 


Instructions for authors

Journal of Sleep and Sleep Disorder Research(JSDR) welcomes contributions from all areas of sleep science, providing novel insights into sleep and the clinical and therapeutic implications of sleep-related disorders. We invite authors to submit original research reports and short communications in any of the following areas: sleep physiology, sleep-wake biology, sleep pharmacology, sleep-dependent learning and memory, sleep disorders, and chronobiology. 


Authors are strongly encouraged to read the Instructions for Authors prior to submitting their article, as submissions must adhere to the journal's guidelines. All manuscripts must be written in good English, with scientific accuracy and precision. The journal does not charge any fees for article submission, processing, or publication.


Editorial Board

Journal of Sleep and Sleep Disorder Research(JSDR) welcomes high-quality research and clinical practice articles, reviews, and other submissions concerning a broad range of topics related to sleep medicine, diagnosis and treatment of sleep disorders, and sleep-related research. The journal is edited by a distinguished editorial board with expertise in all aspects of sleep-related research, enabling the journal to maintain high standards for quality and accuracy.


JSDR journal is committed to providing the highest quality editorial content. To this end, the journal has adopted a rigorous peer-review system that ensures that all submissions are evaluated by experts in the field and relevant subject areas. The journal also believes in establishing strong ethical guidelines and adhering to rigorous standards of publication ethics. Authors are required to adhere to the publication ethics as stipulated by the International Committee of Medical Journal Editors.


Article Processing Charges

Authors are required to pay article processing charges. These charges help to cover the costs associated with providing an open access platform for authors, including reviewing and editing articles, publishing and hosting them, and providing customer service. 

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