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Journal of Veterinary Healthcare (JVHC) is an open access, peer reviewed journal that covers Latest Advances in Veterinary Practice and Research and Veterinary Medicine, Animal Health Care. JVHC is open to contributions from all areas of research related to Veterinary Healthcare.


The publications of the Journal of Veterinary Healthcare are accessible via Open Access, in compliance with the CREATIVE COMMONS LICENSE (CC BY 4.0). All articles published under this license will be readily accessible to the public, without charge, and may be freely read, downloaded, copied, and distributed, in accordance with the license mentioned above.


We are licensed under the CREATIVE COMMONS LICENSE which allows you to share your work provided you cite the author properly. This license also allows authors to retain copyright and full publishing rights without any restrictions.

Importance of Copyright And License

Copyright and license are both important tools for protecting the rights of the author of intellectual property. Copyright protects the rights of the creator of an original work, safeguarding their exclusive right to reproduce, distribute, and create derivative works. 


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