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Propose Special Issue

Special Issue aims to bring together experts from various fields to showcase the current advancements in research and facilitate the dissemination of knowledge and ideas. Additionally, it will serve as a forum for researchers to investigate interdisciplinary methodologies in the research area and propose novel research works. The primary objective of the Special Issue is to furnish the research community with comprehensive and the most recent developments and trends in the field.

The process of proposing a Special Issue begins with identifying a topic or idea that is relevant to the aims & scope of the journals. The next step is to gather a list of people who are experts in the field and who will be able to provide input and feedback on your proposal. 

Guest Editor will be responsible for recruiting authors for contributions, peer review of the submissions, and ensuring that content for the Special Issue is suitable for publication. The Guest Editor is also responsible for reporting on the progress of the submissions and any changes that may be required to content for publication.

Please kindly submit your proposal for a special issue on the following themes, which include but are not limited to:

  • Animal welfare in livestock production
  • The role of nutrition in animal health
  • Advances in veterinary surgery techniques
  • The impact of aging on animal health
  • The role of telemedicine in veterinary care
  • Emerging infectious diseases in animals

Please feel free to submit proposals for Special Issues that are related to your current research endeavors.

Prepare a Special Issue

Special Issue proposals should include:

  • Topic area/Focus of the Special Issue
  • Propose the title of the Special Issue
  • Brief description of the Special Issue
  • List of Keywords and possible contributions
  • Name and contact details of the Co- Editor’s
  • Suggest a timeline for submission
  • Any additional information required by the journal

There are two ways to propose a Special Issue:

1. Propose a special issue by filling out our online submission form. You can use any device - laptop, phone, tablet, or desktop - and submit at any time with ease.
2. Alternatively, you can send an email to the editorial office at [email protected] with your article attached.

We would be pleased to facilitate the promotion of your Special Issue by soliciting articles from esteemed researchers. Additionally, we can offer the services of our expert reviewers to ensure the publication of high-quality articles that align with the theme of your proposed special issue.

We also provide technical assistance and can help with formatting manuscripts and uploading them to the publisher’s website. We can provide guidance on copyright issues and manuscript submission requirements. Depending on your needs, we can also provide support in areas such as permissions, author services, and editorial services. We can also provide tracking of manuscripts and can create a customized dashboard to make it easy to monitor manuscripts in the review, revision, and publication stages. Additionally, we can provide quality control of manuscripts and other required processes before publishing.

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