Journal of Women's Reproductive Health

Journal of Women's Reproductive Health

Journal of Women's Reproductive Health

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Page Numbers  1-6

Fetal Abdominal Cystic Lesion: A Diagnostic Dilemma and Prognostic Challenge-Report of Two Cases of Mesentric Lymphangioma with Review of Literature

Rohilla Minakshi  1 siwatch Sujata  2 Abbas Malik Muneer  3 Muthyala Tanuja  4 Samujh Ram  5 Kannan Narasimhan  5


Page Numbers  7-12

Common Clinical Presentations of GBV Survivors Seen Between 2020-2022 at a GBV Clinic in a Tertiary Care Referral Facility in South East Nigeria

H.C Uro-Chukwu  1  2  3 U.O Anyanwu,  1  4  5


Page Numbers  13-22

Evaluation of Cinnamon Supplementation on Insulin Resistance, BMI and Estradiol Levels in Women with Polycystic Ovary Syndrome: A Double-Blinded Randomized Controlled Clinical Trial

Nazempour Anahita  1 Saremi AboTaleb  2 hakak Nasrin  1 Rezazadeh Shamsali  3

Research Article

Page Numbers  23-35

Premenstrual Syndrome and Associated Factors among Students in Secondary Schools in Arba Minch Town, Southern Ethiopia: A Cross-Sectional Study, 2021

Ali Momina  1 Dejene Yesuneh  2 Gultie Teklemariam  3 Gebreselassie Rediet  2 Hailu Mickiale  1 Kebede Abebaw  4

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