Journal of Mammal Research

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Mammal Research -Antimicrobials-Jean-Marc SABATIER


Laboratory Inserm Umr 1097,
University of Aix-Marseille

00 33 6 40 15 24 19

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30, Chemin de Campbernard 13790,
Rousset France.

Research Interests:

Antimicrobials, Viral Infection, Peptides, MIC, Probiotics, Cell Adhesion, Angiogenesis, Biofilms, Brain Tumors, Endothelial Cells.


  • 2012 Award of the best scientific advance, XVIIème Rencontres Transfrontalières Capteurs et Biocapteurs, Tarragona (Spain), 2012.
  • 2003 Award of best communication, 5ème Colloque de l'Institut Fédératif Jean Roche de Biologie des Interactions Cellulaires, France.
  • 1998-06 Four « Prix de Thèse » for my Ph.D students, Université de la Méditerranée.
  • 1996 Achievement Award (ABI, Raleigh, US).
  • 1995 International Man of the Year Award (IBC, Cambridge, UK).
  • Neosystem Award for the most distinguished work on structure-activity relationship studies of peptides, 9th Peptides & Proteins Meeting, Aussois (France).
  • 1994 Citizen of the Year Award (Nouvel Economiste, France) for the design and chemical synthesis of SPC3, a multibranched peptide construction with anti-HIV activity.