Journal of New Developments in Chemistry

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New Developments in Chemistry-Design-Rafik Karaman

Palestinian territory, occipie

Al-Quds University,
Jerusalem, Palestine.


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Rafik Karaman


Work: College of Pharmacy, Al-Quds University, Jerusalem, Palestine.
Home: Ramallah, Palestine

Research Interests:

  • Design, synthesis, characterization and in vitro and in vivo kinetics of pro-prodrug systems to be used for the delivery for certain drugs that have poor water solubility or/and have low bioavailability using ab initio, DFT, semiempirical, molecular mechanics as well as molecular dynamics and conformational dynamics methods.
  • Design and synthesis of linkers to be used for masking bitter taste of drugs that contain a hydroxyl or amine groups (antimalarial, anti-hypertension, anti-bleeding, antibacterial and anticancer drugs) using DFT calculation methods.
  • Design and synthesis of bitter taste antagonists for inactivation of the bitter taste receptor 14.
  • Pharmaceuticals removal from wastewater using clay micelle complex, hollow fiber, spiral wounds, charcoal and other adsorbents.
  • Pharmaceuticals removal from wastewater using photodegradation methods such as light/TiO2.
  • Stability of Pharmaceuticals in wastewater and isolation and characterization of degradation products (metabolites).



  • Hadassa Medical Award (Jerusalem)-1983
  • Distinguished Scientist (Santa Barbara, USA)-1992
  • Distinguished Professor of Pharmaceutical Sciences (Jerusalem-Palestine)-2013

Societal Membership:

  • American Chemical Society
  • Sigma XI
  • Palestinian Health Ministry- GMP Committee
  • Palestinian Pharmacists Web (Editorial Board Member)
  • Arab Israeli Scientists Committee(Member)
  • International Doctorate Program-Italy (Committee Member)