Journal of New Developments in Chemistry

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New Developments in Chemistry-Synthetic Organic Chemistry-Hemant Chavan


ASP College,
Devrukh, Ratnagiri,
University of Mumbai.

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Hemant Chavan


ASP College, 
Devrukh, Ratnagiri, 
University of Mumbai,

Research Interests:

Synthetic Organic Chemistry, Medicinal Chemistry, Green Chemistry.



  1. Synthesis, biological evaluation, and docking studies of 3-(substituted)-aryl-5-(9-methyl-3-carbazole)-1H-2-pyrazolines as potent anti-inflammatory and antioxidant agents.
  2. Rapid one-pot, four component synthesis of pyranopyrazoles using heteropolyacid under solvent-free condition.
  3. Design, synthesis, characterization and anti-inflammatory evaluation of novel pyrazole amalgamated flavones.
  4. Uncatalyzed Knoevenagel condensation in PEG-600 at room temperature.
  5. Synthesis, biological evaluation, and molecular docking of N-{3-[3-(9-methyl-9H-carbazol-3-yl)-acryloyl]-phenyl}-benzamide/amide derivatives as xanthine oxidase and tyrosinase inhibitors.
  6. Polyethylene glycol in water: A simple, efficient and green protocol for the synthesis of quinoxalines.
  7. Aqueous extract of acacia concinna pods: an efficient surfactant type catalyst for synthesis of 3-carboxycoumarins and cinnamic acids via Knoevenagel condensation.
  8. Design, synthesis, characterization and biological evaluation of novel pyrazole integrated benzophenones.
  9. An efficient and green method for the synthesis of [1, 3] oxazine derivatives catalyzed by thiamine hydrochloride (VB1) in water.
  10. An efficient solvent-free synthesis of naphthopyranopyrimidines using heteropolyacid as an ecofriendly catalyst.