Journal of Plant and Animal Ecology

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Plant and Animal Ecology--Gustavo Crespo Lopez


Instituto de Ciencia Animal

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Gustavo Crespo Lopez


Institute of Animal Science. Carretera Central, Km 47 1/2. San José de las Lajas, Mayabeque. Zip Code: 32700. Apartado Postal: 24. Republic of Cuba.


He works for more than 45 years in the Institute of Animal Science and in the Agrarian University of Havana.
He has obtained the following academic tittles:
1. Agronomy engineer: 1967  
2. Auxiliar researcher: 1981 
3. Titular researcher: 1982
4. Doctor in Agricultural Science: 1983  
5. Titular proffesor: 1985  
6. Doctor in Science: 2013
Articles in scientist journals:
  1. Crespo, G. 2011. Soil Organic matter performance in grasslands. Review Article. Cuban J. of Agric. Sci. 45:343.
  2. Crespo, G. and Lázara, Otero. 2011. Effect of the plantation of Pennisetum purpureum vc. Cuba CT-169 on the variation of the physic-chemical properties of the soils in the Picadura farm, Cuba. Cuban J. of Agric. Sci. 45:419.
  3. Rodríguez, I., Crespo, G., Morales, A., Calero, B. and Fraga, S. 2011. Performance of the soil biological indicators in dairy units. Cuban J. of Agric. Sci.45:187.
  4. Lok, S., Crespo, G., Torres, V., Ruiz, T.E., Fraga,  and Noda, A. 2011. Determination and selection of indicators in a grassland bases on multiple mixture of creeping legumes with fattening cattle. Cuban J. of Agric. Sci. 45:59.
  5. Crespo, G., Ruíz, T.E. and Alvarez, J. 2011. Effect of green manure of Tithonia (Tithonia diversifolia) on the stablishment and production of forage of Pennistemum purpureum vc. Cuba CT-169 and in some soil properties. Cuban J. of Agric. Sci. 45:79.
  6. Rodríguez, I., Hernández, L., Crespo, G., Sandrino, B y Fraga, S. 2013. Comportamiento de la fitomasa subterránea en diferentes pastizales de la provincia Mayabeque, Cuba. Rev. Cubana Cienc. Agrícola. 47:202.
  7. Crespo, G. 2013. El Reciclaje de Nutrientes y su impacto en sistemas ganaderos en el occidente de Cuba. Tesis de Doctorado. Instituto de Ciencia Animal. Universidad Agraria de La Habana (UNAH). 213 pp.
  8. Crespo, G. 2013. Funciones de los organismos del suelo en el ecosistema de pastizal. Rev. Cubana Cienc. Agrícola, 47:329.
  9. Crespo, G. y Alvarez, J. 2014. Comparación de la producción de biomasa de clones de Pennisetum purpureum fertilizados con nitrógeno. Rev. Cubana Cienc. Agrícola. 48:287.
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