Journal of Plant and Animal Ecology

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Plant and Animal Ecology-Ecology-Alfred Matafwali Sichilima


Copperbelt University, Department of Biological Sciences,

School of Mathematics and Natural Sciences, P.O. Box 21692,

Kitwe, Zambia.

+26-0968040435, 0976445733

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Alfred Matafwali Sichilima


Plot 6292/2, Zambezi way, Riverside, Kitwe-Zambia.

Research Interests:

Ecology, Taxonomy, Physiology, Agricultural Plant Science, Zoology, Agronomy, Horticulture, Entomology.


I am both Entomologist and Zoologist, having studied these two fields at M.Phil and PhD, respectively. 

I have specialized in ecology, physiology, and taxonomy of insects and mammals. 

My lectures to undergraduate and postgraduate students include: biochemistry, advanced biochemistry, plant systematics and taxonomy. 

I do supervise both undergraduate and postgraduate students in a number of research project fields. 

I also do coordinate a variety of research activities, in some of which I am a Consultant and a Principal Investigator.

Finally, I am also a reviewer for two other international scientific Journals.

► 2017-2019-CBU Consultant on the Termite Research Collaboration with Zambia Copperbelt International Airport Construction Project, in Ndola, Zambia. 
►2016-2018- CBU PI of the US $6,000,000 World Bank Funded project “African Centre of Excellence for Emerging and Zoonotic Diseases (ACEEZD)” as one of ACEII.  
►2015-2016- CBU PI of the US $20,000 - Zambia-RSA joint Research project on Estrogens in water, award by the “National Science and Technology Council (NSTC)”, Zambia.
►2012: CUZ PI for an EU funded project from Belgium worth Euros €15,000 on “Zoonotic diseases of rodents in selected areas of Zambia.”  
►2005-2007- National Research Foundation (NRF) Bursary for my Doctoral studies attended at University of Pretoria, RSA.
►2005-2007–Bursary contribution from the University of Pretoria, RSA, towards my Doctoral studies, undertaken at the same University.
►2000-2003-Coordinated an EU- funded STAPLERAT project worth Euros €500,000, for a three years research work in Zambia to elucidate the pest rodents.
►1994 -1997-World Bank sponsorship: Full-time Master of Philosophy (M.Phil.) degree bursary attended at University of Wales, Cardiff, United Kingdom. 
►1993 -1994 -World Bank sponsorship: Full-time Postgraduate Diploma bursary attended at University of Wales, Cardiff, United Kingdom.
►April- December 1989-Sponsorship provided by the International Research Institute of the Semi - Arid Tropics (ICRISAT). Attended a certificate course at Hyderabad, India.
►1984-1986- Zambian government sponsorship: Attended a two years course in General Agriculture at Zambia College of Agriculture (ZCA), Mpika, Zambia.