Journal of Polymer Science Research

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Polymer Science Research-Chemical engineering-Alireza Baghban

Iran, Islamic Republic of

Amirkabir university of technology, Mahshahr, Iran

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Alireza Baghban


Amirkabir university of technology, Mahshahr, Iran

Research Interests:

Chemical engineering, Chemistry, Computational methods, Artificial intelligence, optimization, petroleum engineering, statistical analysis


  1. Modeling of viscosity for mixtures of Athabasca bitumen and heavy n-alkane with LSSVM algorithm.
  2. Connectionist intelligent model estimates of Convective Heat Transfer Coefficient of Nanofluids in circular cross-section channels.
  3. Modelling of gas to hydrate conversion for promoting CO2 capture processes in the oil and gas industry.
  4. Phase Behavior Modelling of Asphaltene Precipitation Utilizing RBF-ANN Approach.
  5. Modelling of CO2 separation from gas streams emissions in the oil and gas industries.
  6. Estimation of Wax Deposition in the Oil Production Units Using RBF-ANN Strategy.
  7. Modeling of true vapor pressure of petroleum products using ANFIS algorithm.
  8. Application of a Supervised Learning Machine for Accurate Prognostication of Higher Heating Values of Solid Wastes.
  9. Phase equilibrium modelling of natural gas hydrate formation conditions using LSSVM approach.
  10. Estimation of oil and gas properties in petroleum production and processing operations using rigorous model.