Journal of Primates

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Primates-Theoretical and experimental population genetics-Manuel Ruiz-García


Department of Biology, Pontificia Universidad Javeriana

3208320 ext. 4085

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Manuel Ruiz-García


Department of biology.
Faculty of Sciences.
Pontificia Universidad Javeriana.
CRA 7 No 43-82,
Bogota DC,

Research Interests:

Theoretical and experimental population genetics, Genetics of conservation, models of coalescence, Molecular phylogeny and phylogeography, Evolutionary ethology. Reproductive tactics, Evolutionary biology in general, Biology of mammals and vertebrates, Systematics and taxonomy of mammals, birds and fish, Theoretical and experimental Population Genetics, Conservation Genetics. Coalescence Models, Molecular Phylogeny and Phylogeography, Evolutionary Ethology, Reproductive patterns, General Evolutionary Biology, Biology of Mammals and other Vertebrates, Systematics and Taxonomy of Mammals, Birds and Fishes.



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  2. RUIZ-GARCÍA, M., S. SÁNCHEZ-CASTILLO, J.M. ORTEGA, M. I. CASTILLO, K. LUENGAS. 2017. The mystery of the genetics origins of Cebus albifrons malitosus: A mitogenomics analysis. Primates (submitted).
  3. RUIZ-GARCÍA, M. 2017. Aportes de los datos moleculares a la conservación biológica con especial énfasis en la asignación geográfica de ejemplares de mamíferos silvestres procedentes del tráfico y caza ilegal en Colombia y en Latino América. Boletín de la Real Sociedad Española de Historia Natural (in press).
  4. PINEDO-CASTRO, M., L. BENAVIDES-BARRERO, R. GONZÁLEZ-ROMÁN, J. S. SÁNCHEZ-CASTILLO, M. RUIZ-GARCÍA.  Corroboración molecular para la identificación morfológica de especies de orquídeas. Chapter 5. Book of the Colombian orchids. Instituto von Humboldt. (in press)
  5. RUIZ-GARCÍA, M. M. PINEDO, MF. JARAMILLO, JM. ORTEGA, J. ARIAS-VÁSQUEZ, JM. SHOSTELL. 2017. How many ESUs are of conservation interest within some species of Neotropical carnivores (Felidae, Canidae, Ursidae, Mustelidae, and Procyonidae)? : Individual mitochondrial genes versus mitogenomics. Mammalian Conservation Genetics. Springer US (in press).
  6. KITCHENER, AC., E. BELLEMAIN, A. KOPATZ, M. RUIZ-GARCÍA, ET AL. 2017. Systematic, evolution and genetic of bears. In book: Bears of the World: Ecology, Conservation and Management, Publisher: Cambridge University Press, Editors: Vincenzo Penteriani, Mario Melleti. (in press).
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  8. RUIZ-GARCÍA, M., M. PINEDO-CASTRO, J. M. SHOSTELL. 2017. Morphological and genetics (nuclear and mitogenomics) evidences support a new small spotted cat species in southern Colombian Andes. PLOS ONE (in press).
  9. COSSIOS, D., P. MARTINEZ, M. RUIZ-GARCIA, J. PEREIRA, R. PALACIOS, J. I. MONTOYA-BURGOS. 2017. Climatic refugia and geographic barriers in the central Andes, as revealed by hog-nosed skunks' (Conepatus spp.) and pampas cat's (Leopardus pajeros) DNA. Journal of Biogeography (in press).
  10. RUIZ-GARCIA, M., A. CERÓN, S. SÁNCHEZ-CASTILLO, P. RUEDA-ZOZAYA, M. PINEDO-CASTRO, G. GUTIERREZ-ESPELETA, J. M. SHOSTELL. 2017. Phylogeography of the mantled howler monkey (Alouatta palliata; Atelidae, Primates) across its geographical range by means of mitochondrial gene analyses and some insights in the phylogeny of Alouatta.  Folia Primatologica (in press).