Journal of Skeletal Muscle

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Skeletal Muscle-skeletal muscle-Jean-Francois Grosset


University of Technology of Compiegne.

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Jean-Francois Grosset


University of Technology,
UMR 7338 CNRS: Biomechanics and Bioengineering (BMBI), 
Office D215, Research Center, 
Roger Couttolenc Street,
CS 60319, 
60203 Compiegne Cedex.

Research Interests:

skeletal muscle, tendon, training, hypo-activity, ageing


  • Jean-Francois Grosset is currently Associate Professor of Physiology at the University of Technology of Compiegne (France). 
  • He earned his Bachelor of Sport Science at University of Caen (France), in 1999, and his PhD in Biomechanics and Biological engineering from the University of Technology of Compiegne in 2005, working with Prof. Chantal Perot. 
  • In his thesis work he investigated the neuromechanical properties of the triceps surae muscle in prepubescent healthy and immobilized children. 
  • After completing his PhD, Jean-Francois went to Manchester Metropolitan University to complete a first post-doc for 6 months with Pr Marco Narici in 2006/2007.During that time, he used MRI and ultrasound techniques for investigating tendon mechanical properties as well as muscle and tendon architecture.
  • In 2007, Jean-Francois started a second post-doc for 18 months at University College Dublin in the School of Physiothérapy and Performance Science with Dr Brian Caulfield. 
  • He worked on a project aiming to develop and apply a multi-pathway low-frequency neuromuscular electrical stimulation (NMES) training program of the lower limb for obese persons. 
  • He evaluated the effect of this new endurance training method on muscle fonction using knee ergometer, on cardio-respiratory system from measurement and analysis of gas exchange and blood lactate levels during exercise.
  • In 2008, Jean-Francois accepted an Associate Professor position at the University Paris 13, where he has been since that time.  
  • While at University Paris 13 for his teaching activity, Jean-Francois perform his research activity at University of Technology of Compiegne within the laboratory of Biomechanics and bioengineering (UMR 7338 CNRS). 
  • He focus his research activity on skeletal muscle and tendon adaptations to training, hypo-activity, and ageing.

The investigated parameters were: 

  1. muscle activation capacities from EMG/torque and supra-maximal interpolated twitch analysis, 
  2. contractile properties from M-wave, 
  3. H and T-reflex, 
  4. musculo-tendinous/articular stiffness.