Journal of Sleep And Sleep Disorder Research

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Sleep And Sleep Disorder Research-Sleep and pain-Saad Alsaadi

Department of physiotherapy.
King Fahd Hospital.
University of Dammam

+966 5685 11151

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Saad Alsaadi


PO Box 40035
Khobar, 31952. Saudi Arabia

Research Interests:

  • Sleep and pain
  • Sleep assessment
  • low back pain



  1. Alsaadi S, McAuley J, Hush J, Maher C (2012) Erratum to: Prevalence of sleep disturbance in patients with low back pain. European Spine Journal 21:554-60.
  2. Saad M Alsaadi, James H McAuley, Julia M Hush, Delwyn J Bartlett, Nicholas Henschke, Ronald R Grunstein, Chris G Maher (2013) Detecting insomnia in patients with low back pain: accuracy of four self-report sleep measures. BMC Musculoskeletal Disorders 14 (1): 196.  
  3. Saad M Alsaadi, James H McAuley, Julia M Hush, Serigne Lo, Delwyn J Bartlett, Ronald R Grunstein, Chris G Maher. The Bidirectional Relationship between Pain Intensity and Sleep Disturbance/Quality in Patients with Low Back Pain. Ahead of print by The Clinical Journal of Pain. 
  4. Saad M Alsaadi, James H McAuley, Julia M Hush, Serigne Lo, Chung-Wei Christine Lin, Christopher M Williams, Christopher G Maher. Poor sleep quality is strongly associated with subsequent pain intensity for patients with acute low back pain. Ahead of print by Arthritis and Rheumatology. 
  5. Alsaadi SM, McAuley JH, Hush JM, Bartlett DJ, McKeough ZM, Grunstein RR, Dungan GC, Maher CG. Assessing Sleep Disturbance in Low Back Pain: The Validity of Portable Instruments. Ahead of print by PLOS ONE