Journal of Veterinary Healthcare

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Veterinary Healthcare-Reproduction medicine and Biology-Mohammed Elmetwally

United States

Assistant Prof of Theriogenogy.

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Mohammed Elmetwally


Animal Science,
Department Texas A&M University,
USA 442D Kleberg Animal and Food Sciences Center,
2471 TAMU College Station,
TX 77843-2471.

Research Interests:

Reproduction medicine and Biology, Molecular reproduction, Reproduction nutrition amino acids, Placenta, Fetus, Pregnancy


  • I am an assistant Prof of Theriogenology, Faculty of veterinary Medicine, Mansoura University, 35516 Mansoura Egypt. 
  • I had finished my bachelor degree in veterinary medicine, Mansoura University (2000). 
  • My master thesis was about the postpartum ovarian rebound in cattle (2004).
  • My research focuses on dairy cattle reproductive biology, physiology and management. 
  • My research will integrate the basic and applied science to increase the reproductive performance of dairy cows. 
  • In addition I will study the causes of early embryonic death which constitute as one from the most common problems that affects the productive and reproductive efficiency in dairy cows. 
  • Further, I use the ultrasound imaging as a diagnostic tool to improve the reproductive performance in dairy cows.
  • I have always had deep interest in the application of color Doppler sonography in animal reproduction. 
  • I have done lots of work within this area including my doctoral thesis on “Clinical applicability of non-invasive Doppler ultrasonography in small ruminants throughout pregnancy” under supervision of Prof.Dr Sabine Meinecke-Tillmann at Hannover University of veterinary medicine, Hannover, Germany (2008-2012). 
  • I was the first to use the non-invasive color Doppler ultrasound to evaluate uterine and fetal blood flow during pregnancy in small ruminants.
  • I have done further postdoctoral research on the use the non-invasive color Doppler ultrasound to assess the vaginal blood flow in veterinary reproduction (while naturally breeding as compared to artificial insemination in Holstein cows) which was a unique study done for the first time under supervision of prof. Dr. Heiner Bollwein at cattle clinic, TiHO Hannover (2010-2012). 
  • We had published two abstracts related to that work and are preparing a manuscript now to be published in a good peer-reviewed Journal. 
  • I have other diverse experience within my field including but not limited to:
  • During my residence in Reproduction medicine clinic at TiHO Hannover I trained on the application of color Doppler ultrasound in equine reproduction.
  • During my postdoctoral residence at Cornell University, USA, I helped establish a new color Doppler diagnostic Imaging unite at Dr Julio Giordano lab, Cornell University, USA, I also gave presentations on the application of color Doppler ultrasound in cattle and equine reproduction.
  • Also, I am interested to do researches about the basic reproductive physiology especially that related to the mechanisms controlling the establishment and maintenance of pregnancy, and understanding the implications of pregnancy loss on ovarian dynamics, fertility, and reproductive performance of dairy cattle. 
  • Also, I conduct research in reproductive biology with an interest in uterine biology and pregnancy in Dr Fuller Bazer Lab, Texas A&M University. 
  • As well, use Cell culture model (OTr1 cells and Brown Adipocyte cells) to study the impact of amino acids and polyamines in Per-implantation period in sheep. Furthermore, study the effect of Arginine on Angiogenesis during early implantation in gilts.