Journal of Breastfeeding Biology

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Page Numbers  1-7

Seafood and Omega-3 Supplementation During Pregnancy and Lactation can be Considered Still Safe after Fukushima Nuclear Accident.

Di Luigi Gianluca  1 D Alfonso Angela  1 Carta Gaspare  1


Page Numbers  8-20

Breast Feeding and Melatonin: Implications for Improving Perinatal Health

Anderson George  1 Vaillancourt Cathy  2 Maes Michael  3 J. Reiter Russel  4


Page Numbers  21-27

Raising Awareness About Breast Milk Composition Among Women in Latvia

Aumeistere Liva  1  2 Zavadska Dace  3


Page Numbers  29-37

Nutritional Impact of Storage Containers on Macronutrient Integrity of Breastmilk

C. Johnson Marney  1 A. Winter Lauryn  1 G. Anzueto Guerra Diana  1 Jacob Rachel  2 C. McCurnin Donald  1  2 L. Blanco Cynthia  1  2

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