Journal of Depression And Therapy

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Page Numbers  1-7

Depression and Dementia

Volicer Ladislav  1  2 Vaňkova Hana  2


Page Numbers  8-22

“On the Road to A Better Life”: An Innovative Suicide Prevention Program Based on The Realization of Meaningful Personal Goals

Lapierre Sylvie  1 Desjardins Sophie  1 Dube Micheline  1 Marcoux Lyson  1 Miquelon Paule  1 Boyer Richard  2


Page Numbers  23-36

A Specific Case of Non-Specificity: Longitudinal Effects of Dysfunctional Attitudes on Depressive, Eating Disorder and Aggressive Symptoms in Children and Adolescents 

Meiser Susanne  1 Esser Gunter  1


Page Numbers  37-48

Cognitive Behavior Therapy in The School Setting: A Case Study of A Nine Year Old Anxious Boy with Extreme Blushing

C. Jellesma Francine  1

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