Journal of Dermatologic Research And Therapy

Journal of Dermatologic Research And Therapy

Journal of Dermatologic Research And Therapy

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About The Journal

Journal Overview

Journal of Dermatologic Research and Therapy (JDRT) is a publication that focuses on research and innovative clinical treatments in the field of dermatology. With an overall aim to provide the latest insights into dermatologic research and clinical practices. JDRT is considered a valuable resource for dermatologists, researchers, and other related professionals.


JDRT articles cover the spectrum of dermatological issues such as dermatological diseases, dermatology therapy, dermatological research, and dermatologic therapy. With its emphasis on innovative, original, and timely research, JDRT publishes articles from both clinical and laboratory studies, including case reports and reviews. Additionally, the journal publishes reviews, editorials and perspectives from leading professionals in the field. With its commitment to excellence and quality, the Journal of Dermatologic Research and Therapy(JDRT) provides readers and authors with a platform to advance their knowledge and share their discoveries.



Journal of Dermatologic Research and Therapy(JDRT) provides researchers with a platform to communicate their findings in a wide variety of formats. Our journal seeks to inform the scientific community about the latest developments, advances, and discoveries in the field of dermatology. This ensures that all researchers can take advantage of the latest advancements in their field and carry out research in the most efficient and effective manner. 


Journal of Dermatologic Research and Therapy(JDRT) is also committed to providing reliable and up-to-date information to the scientific and medical communities. As we provide unrestricted and permanent access to all of our published content. This allows researchers and practitioners around the world to find and access the latest information, thus promoting knowledge sharing and the spread of new ideas. 


Overall, JDRT is an ideal platform for researchers and practitioners to publish their findings and share their knowledge with the world. With fast publication times, a wide reach, and rigorous peer review, readers can trust that all published content meets the highest standards.


Instructions for authors

Authors should ensure that the submitted manuscripts are written in an appropriate academic format. Manuscripts should be prepared in accordance with the Journal of Dermatologic Research and Therapy(JDRT) instructions for authors. Our editorial team will review submitted manuscripts for scientific accuracy and assess the suitability of content for publication. Reviewers will evaluate the quality of the research and the relevance and originality of the findings. 


Authors should also provide information regarding any ethical considerations related to the research. 

Prior to submission, authors are requested to ensure that all information contained in the manuscript is accurate, up-to-date, and in adherence with our guidelines. We appreciate the time and effort of authors and aim to ensure that their contributions are published in a timely manner.


Editorial Board

The editorial board of the Journal of Dermatologic Research and Therapy(JDRT) comprises experienced and well-renowned professionals from both academia and industry. The board provides guidance on topics of interest for publication, as well as peer review of submitted manuscripts. It also provides feedback to authors regarding revisions, which in turn allows them to improve the quality of their work. In addition, the editorial board provides insight into the latest developments in the field of dermatology and facilitates collaboration between researchers.


Article Processing Charge

Journal of Dermatologic Research and Therapy(JDRT) is accessible to its readers at no cost, Open Access offers authors article processing charges. Authors of accepted manuscripts will be provided with detailed information on article submission and publication fees. This ensures that published articles are available to any user with an internet connection while upholding the highest standards of journal publishing.


Submission Procedure

The journal encourages authors to submit papers in the areas of clinical and experimental dermatology, dermatology diagnostics and therapeutics, dermatopathology, as well as cosmetic dermatology, dermatology surgery, and dermatology imaging. Authors are requested to submit their manuscripts electronically through the Journal of Dermatologic Research and Therapy (JDRT) portal. All manuscripts are peer-reviewed by experienced experts in the field and accepted articles are published shortly after acceptance.



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