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The Journal of Immunization (JI) is a fully open access, peer-reviewed scientific journal dedicated to disseminating the latest advances in the field of immunology. JI’s mission is to provide a comprehensive platform for the exchange of ideas and knowledge among immunologists, immunologists-in-training, and persons interested in immunology.

The Journal of Immunization (JI) ensures that its content is of the highest quality, covering topics such as immunogen design, therapeutic vaccine design, vaccine regulation, and translational immunology. JI provides an important platform for researchers to showcase their work, and encourages interdisciplinary collaborations between investigators from multiple fields. Articles accepted for publication undergo rigorous peer-review, ensuring that only the most relevant and meaningful research is making it into the hands of our readers. 

Our journal publishes articles that cover a broad range of research topics in basic and applied immunology the development and application of vaccines, the role of immune system in defending the body against infectious agents, the regulation and modulation of the immune system by drugs and other therapies, and the interaction between immunity and diseases such as cancer and autoimmune diseases.

Scope of JI:

Food and Nutrition, Experimental studies, Epidemiology, Drug targeting, Drug sensitivity and resistance, Techniques, Counselling, Vaccination, Adult immunization, Transcription factors, etc.
Remaining Scope can be viewed at Aim and Scope 


Submission Process:

All submitted manuscripts must be prepared in accordance with our guidelines and journal policies. Manuscripts should be submitted online through an online submission portal or via mail. 

Instructions to Prepare your article:

Manuscripts should be prepared according to the author guidelines outlined on the JI website and should include a full list of references, author's affiliations, and other relevant details. Authors should also provide detailed information on conflicts of interest and ethical considerations, such as consent of participants. 

Article Processing Charge:

JI is committed to providing authors with a fast and efficient publication process. JI levies a reasonable Article Processing Charge (APC) to cover the editorial and production costs. 

Advantages Of Publishing:

JI serves as a platform to discuss the latest developments in immunological treatments and therapies. With an emphasis on open access, JI ensures that the research it publishes reaches the widest range of stakeholders. JI also supports a wide range of article types, including original research, systematic reviews, meta-analyses, protocols, opinions and editorials. All articles are subject to a rigorous and timely peer-review process. 

Editorial Board:

The Editorial Board of JI is composed of international experts from renowned academic and research institutes. The board works diligently to ensure high standards of research and scientific integrity. It is responsible for selecting and approving quality manuscripts for publication, selecting and overseeing the peer reviewers, and providing feedback to authors to ensure their work is of the highest scientific quality. 

Collaborated Universities and Institutions:

Samia Ahmed Kamal - Animal Health Research Institute
Randa Abd El-Rahman Hassan - Animal Health Research Institute
L. O’Connor - Health Protection Surveillance Centre
H. Murphy - Dr Steevens Hospital
E. Montague - Dr Steevens Hospital
Lynn Atuyambe - Makerere University College of Health Sciences
Rajeev Z Kompithra - Christian Medical College
Magdalenal R - Christian Medical College
Leni G Mathew - Christian Medical College
Valsan P Verghese - Christian Medical College
T Jacob John - Christian Medical College
Rajan R Patil - SRM University.
Krishnamurthy - National Tuberculosis Institute


1. I was impresssed by the swift services of the journal and easy navigation begining from manuscript submission to galley proof. I would recommend future authors-"Consider this journal if you are wondering where to publish your scientific work". They are google scholar indexed and so you do not have to worry, if your scientific work won't reach to the community of other researchers.

Naiya Patel - Long Island University

2. The positive editorial time attitude and cooperation were encouraging and supportive of the author. Moreover, fast response and processing of the manuscript reflect an appreciation of the time factor. In addition to the user-friendly submission system that allows for up-to-date follow up. The review process is performed in reasonable time with constructive comments that aim to improve the paper quality. Communication in such way between the authors and the journals is not something that is common nowadays.

Mostafa Essam Eissa - Cairo University

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