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The International Journal of Nutrition (IJN) is a Peer-Reviewed scientific journal that publishes research articles, review articles, and clinical studies on the topic of nutrition. Nutrition is a critical factor in the maintenance of health and the prevention and treatment of disease, and the IJN is dedicated to advancing our understanding of the role of nutrition in health and disease through the publication of high-quality research.


Importance of Nutrition in the field:

Nutrition is the study of the role of nutrients in the maintenance of health and the prevention and treatment of disease. Nutrients are substances found in food that are necessary for the body to function properly and maintain good health. These nutrients include vitamins, minerals, carbohydrates, proteins, and fats. In addition to these essential nutrients, foods also contain bioactive compounds, such as phytochemicals and antioxidants, which may have health-promoting properties.


Proper nutrition is essential for maintaining overall health, and fitness and preventing chronic diseases, such as obesity, diabetes, and cardiovascular disease. In order to achieve optimal nutrition, it is important to follow dietary guidelines and make informed dietary choices that meet an individual's nutritional needs throughout their life cycle. This includes considering the specific nutritional needs during different stages of life, such as pregnancy, infancy, and aging, as well as the role of nutrition in immune function and the prevention of infectious diseases.


In addition to its role in physical health, nutrition is also important for mental health and cognitive function. Research has shown that dietary interventions can have a positive impact on mental health and that proper nutrition is essential for optimal brain function throughout the lifespan.

Papers addressing the evolving nutritional science in all aspects are invited. We aim to address the needs of researchers with ample current information and be a reliable source for nutritional science, worldwide from all aspects.

Christopher Ochner, Ph.D. is the Editor-in-Chief of IJN. With the assistance and recommendation of Associate Editors (selected for their expertise in specific nutrition disciplines), the Editor-in-Chief accepts or rejects submitted manuscripts. Submitted manuscripts must comply with IJN's Instructions for Authors, following the publication ethics defined by COPE

Manuscript submission

The International Journal of Nutrition has a straightforward article submission procedure for authors. To submit a paper, authors should first review the journal's instructions for authors to ensure that their work meets the requirements for submission. Once the manuscript is ready for submission, authors should visit the journal's online submission system and create an account. From there, authors can upload their manuscript and any accompanying files, and complete the online submission form. The submission form includes a number of questions about the manuscript, such as the article type, the names and affiliations of the authors, and any conflicts of interest. Once the submission form is complete, authors can submit their manuscripts for review. The journal's editorial team will then review the manuscript and provide feedback to the authors.

Cited Articles in IJN

1. Oxidative Telomere Attrition, Nutritional Antioxidants and Biological Aging

2. Influence of Chemical Refining Processes on the Total Phenolics and Antioxidant Activity of Sunflower Oil

Vegetarianism in Food-Based Dietary Guidelines

3. Age Variation in Bitter Taste Perception in Relation to the Tas2r38 Taste Receptor Phenotype

4. Culturally Tailored Nutrition and Lifestyle Intervention can Effectively Reduce the Cardio-Metabolic Risk Factors in Korean Migrants Living in Australia

5. New Regulations for Foods Offered to School Children in Chile: Barriers to Implementation

6. International Comparison of Children’s Knowledge, Barriers and Reported Fluid Intake Across the School Day

7. Assessment of Biofield Energy Healing Based Vitamin D3 Effects on Bone Health Parameters Using Human Osteoblast Cell Line (MG-63)

8. Consciousness Energy Healing Treatment: Impact on the Physicochemical and Thermal Characteristics of Folic Acid

9. Risk Factors for Stunted Growth among Children Aged 6–59 Months in Rural Uganda

10. Reversal of Obesity: The Quest for the Optimum Dietary Regimen

11. An Observational Study of Practice Among Food Manufacturers in Defining Serving Sizes of Chocolate Confectionery Products Sold in UK Supermarkets

12. Docosahexaenoic Acid Supplementation is Not Anti- Inflammatory in Adipose Tissue of Healthy Obese Postmenopausal Women


1. It is very nice to be an author for IJN. I have excellent experience in submitting my research work. The editorial team is very cooperative and quick to answer. Reviewers are high profile and their remark has helped me to upgrade my knowledge and to modify manuscript in a better way and on the top of it I am very much thankful to the Editor in Chief for guiding me to give final shape of the manuscript. I will recommend and encourage potential authors to submit their work for publication in IJN.

Bal Kishan Gupta -  S.P. Medical College

2. You are providing a very fast return during the examination of the articles. I think that researchers would prefer this situation. You're also giving positive criticism to the manuscript in writing, and you're facilitating the work of researchers. Especially for young researchers to share their work with you will be appropriate for their scientific development. I wish you success.

Fatih Ozcelik  - University of Health Sciences

3. OAP provided the most rapid and helpful service that I have ever experienced from a journal publisher.

Kevin Kendall - University of Birmingham

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