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Page Numbers  1-3

Arteriovenous Fistula in a Patient with Aberrant Radial Artery

S. Soni Sachin  1 R. Barnela Shriganesh  1 S. Saboo Sonali  2 V. Deshpande Ashish  3 S. Deshmukh Shirish  3 V. Takalkar Unmesh  4


Page Numbers  4-14

Action Mechanisms and Therapeutic Targets of Renal Fibrosis

Ma Shi-Xing  1 Shang You-Quan  1 Zhang Huan-Qiao  1 Su Wei  1


Page Numbers  15-23

Comparison of Dipper and Non-Dipper Hypertension Patterns According to Chronic Kidney Disease Stage

Turan Erkek Esra  1 Akin Seydahmet  1 Ozgur Yasemin  1 Aydin Zeki  2 Bicik Zerrin  3


Page Numbers  24-30

Evaluation of the Relationship Between Advanced Oxidation end Products and Inflammatory Markers in Maintenance Hemodialysis Patients

Aydin Zeki  1 Karadag Serhat  2 Ozturk Savas  2 Gursu Meltem  3 Uzun Sami  2 Cebeci Egemen  2 Sumnu Abdullah  2 Kazancioglu Rumeyza  3

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