Journal of Proteomics and Genomics Research

Journal of Proteomics and Genomics Research

Journal of Proteomics and Genomics Research

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About The Journal

Journal of Proteomics and Genomics Research (JPGR) is a peer-reviewed, open access journal published by Open Access Pub. Focusing on genetic and proteomics research and technology, the journal provides a platform for researchers to share their findings and insights with the wider scientific community.  


JPGR is designed to provide a platform for researchers to publish their findings and to exchange research results and ideas in proteomics and genomics. Main aim of JPGR to foster collaborations and to disseminate research advances to the scientific community. Topics covered by the journal include the development of new technologies and applications for proteomics and genomics research; the identification and characterization of proteins and genetic elements; their role in biological processes; and their application in drug discovery, diagnostics and therapeutics. The journal also considers research related to the collaboration of proteomics and genomics with other disciplines such as bioinformatics, metabolomics, and systems biology. 


Journal of Proteomics and Genomics Research publishes high-quality original research articles, reviews, techniques, and case reports in all areas of proteomics and genomics research. All submitted works are rigorously reviewed and must adhere to the highest scientific and ethical standards. Furthermore, all accepted contributions are published in open-access format, ensuring the widest possible dissemination of the research. 


JPGR provides a platform for researchers to publish their findings and develop new research through the interpretation of existing findings. The journal accepts manuscripts from all scientific disciplines including biochemistry, biophysics, bioinformatics & computational biology, cell biology, microbiology, and more. Additionally, the journal encourages contributions from experts in the field, providing them with an opportunity to share their research and contribute to the overall research in the field.


JPGR is committed to stimulating scientific discussions and provides an opportunity to make a new breakthrough in the field of proteomics and genomics research. The journal provides a fast publication window with an average publication time of 7-14 days after submission of the manuscripts.


JPGR is an important resource for researchers and clinicians from across the globe and provides them with access to high-quality research articles. It provides a platform to share the advances and understanding of the latest research in proteomics and genomics research with the international scientific community. It has been launched to share the advances and insights of the latest research in the relevant field.



Instructions for authors:

When submitting to JPGR, authors should adhere to the instructions for authors set by the journal. These include writing within the scope of the journal, preparing manuscripts according to the author submission guidelines and the journal's guidelines for publication for ethical considerations, and proofreading of manuscripts. All manuscripts should be original and must not have been previously published in any other journal. Authors are encouraged to provide the most up-to-date data and accurate results to ensure the qualitative assessment of manuscripts. A detailed list of guidelines and policies can be found on the journal's website.


All submissions must be unique, relevant, and scientifically rigorous. Submissions are accepted in English. All manuscripts are thoroughly reviewed by the editorial board before publication. If accepted, the article will be published in an online edition of the journal, as well as in a print edition when appropriate.


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