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Page Numbers  1-9

Effect of Solvent pH on Antioxidant and Phytochemical Activities of Mulhatti Aerial Parts (Glycyrrhiza glabra L.)

Devi Parvesh  1 Singh Sushila  1 Sangwan Seema  2 Sihag Sheetal  1 Promila  1 Ritu  1


Page Numbers  10-22

Comparison of Quality and Microstructure of Strawberry Powders Prepared by Two Different Drying Methods: Low Temperature Drying with Convection Dryer and Vacuum Freeze Drying

Nishizono Masayo  1  2 Soreli Castro Issasi Cinthya  1 Mizukami Hiroyuki  3 Sasaki Mitsuru  4  5


Page Numbers  41-54

Ozone/Oxygen Molecules Exert Mild Oxidative Stress on Testis Mitochondria Isolated from the Rat Testicular Ischemia/Reperfusion Injury

Shahi Farshad  1 Rahimi Shabnam  2 Moradians Vahan  3 Jonaidi Jafari Nematollah  4 Izadi Morteza  1  4

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