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Welcome to the "Journal of Otolaryngology Advances," a distinguished Open Access & Peer-Reviewed publication poised at the forefront of advancing knowledge in the dynamic field of otolaryngology. Our journal is a dedicated haven, providing a comprehensive platform for researchers, healthcare professionals, and experts, delivering cutting-edge insights into various facets of ear, nose, and throat (ENT) medicine.


Embark on a journey through cutting-edge research in otolaryngology. Our journal covers a vast spectrum of topics, encompassing ear, nose, and throat disorders, surgical techniques, diagnostic approaches, and innovative treatments. Uncover the intricacies of the field and stay abreast of the latest developments. Explore content highlighting the latest advances in ear, nose, and throat medicine. Stay updated on groundbreaking research related to medical and surgical interventions for conditions such as hearing loss, sinus disorders, voice disorders, and an array of other ENT-related issues. Our goal is to be your go-to resource for staying informed and engaged in the ever-evolving landscape of ENT medicine.


Explore research on surgical techniques in otolaryngology. The journal provides valuable insights into advancements in surgical procedures, minimally invasive techniques, and outcomes, contributing to the knowledge base of ENT surgeons and healthcare professionals. Stay informed about the latest diagnostic approaches in otolaryngology. Access research on imaging technologies, diagnostic tools, and methodologies used in the evaluation and diagnosis of ENT conditions.


Explore studies on hearing loss and related research. The journal covers topics such as hearing disorders, audiologic assessments, cochlear implants, and emerging technologies aimed at addressing hearing impairment. Stay updated on research related to sinus disorders. The journal features studies on sinusitis, nasal polyps, and other sinus-related conditions, providing insights into effective management and treatment strategies.


ISSN: 2379-8572

DOI: 10.14302/issn.2379-8572

Review: 09 days from the submission time.

Acceptance rate: 57%

Submission to a final decision: 12 days

Acceptance to publication: 3 days

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