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Journal of Energy Conservation (JEC) is an online journal aimed at exploring the various aspects of energy conservation. The journal focuses on solving the global energy crisis through innovative research and analysis in the fields of energy conservation, efficient energy utilization, and new and renewable sources of energy. The journal provides a platform for researchers and industry professionals to develop and share their innovative and creative ideas related to energy conservation. 



The Journal of Energy Conservation (JEC) is a high-quality journal that seeks to promote the dissemination of research in the field of energy conservation. The journal aims to foster an understanding of the social, environmental, and economic impact of energy conservation. 


The journal encourages theoretical and empirical research investigating the consequences of energy conservation policies and practices. It covers topics such as renewable energy technologies, energy efficiency, energy storage, smart grids, and green buildings. By publishing research and practical experiences, the journal seeks to facilitate the exchange of ideas, raise awareness, and stimulate action and collaboration. The journal also provides authors with a platform for their work to be cited and read by a wide audience, beyond the academic and technical communities. 


Instructions for authors

Journal of Energy Conservation(JEC) encourages authors to submit original research and reviews that analyze, describe, and/or discuss relevant topics such as energy conservation dates, methods, technologies, best practices, and any other relevant topic related to energy conservation. All manuscripts should be properly formatted, and clearly written, and must adhere to the journal's standards. Authors will be required to adhere to set criteria for their manuscripts before submission, including preparing their manuscripts according to the journal's guidelines. JEC encourages authors to address social, economic, environmental, and technological issues related to energy conservation in their manuscripts. Reviews should provide a comprehensive overview of the respective field, while research should provide insightful data and analysis of the energy conservation topic being discussed. All authors should ensure that their manuscripts adhere to ethical standards.


Submission Procedure

Authors can submit manuscripts for publication to the Journal of Energy Conservation(JEC) through the online submission system. The journal requires authors to follow a detailed submission process, which includes a rigorous peer review process that aims to ensure high-quality standards. Authors are encouraged to contact the editorial team with any questions regarding the submission process.


Editorial Board

Journal of Energy Conservation(JEC) is managed and edited by a distinguished editorial board which is composed of internationally renowned scientists and experts in the field of energy conservation. The board members are actively involved in the review process and provide valuable insight into the latest developments in this field. 


Article Processing Charge

Journal of Energy Conservation(JEC) is an international open access journal. Due to its open access publication, the journal does not require journal subscriptions or membership fees from readers. In return, authors are required to pay an article processing charge (APC), which covers the journal's production and hosting costs. This APC is an affordable fee that is similar to those of other open-access journals in its field. 


Collaborated Universities and Institutions:

Loai Aljerf - Damascus University

Nuha AlMasri - Syrian Private University

Tasneem Abdalla - Jiangsu University

Qian Wang - Jiangsu University

Tan Xiaoqiang - Jiangsu University

Zeeshan Ali - PCSIR Laboratories Complex Lahore

Saima Siddique - PCSIR Laboratories Complex Lahore

Amran Waheed - PCSIR Laboratories Complex Lahore

Syed Faheem Shah - PCSIR Laboratories Complex Lahore

Hannah LeMoine - University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire

Sicheng Mo - University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire

Yuchi Dong - University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire

Wufeng Tian - University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire

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