Journal of Energy Conservation

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Page Numbers  1-6

The Interaction Model of Concentrated Solar Radiation with Materials

M.S Payzullakhanov  1


Page Numbers  7-10

Energy Efficiency in Commercial Buildings: Challenges, Opportunities, and Solutions (Review)

Vyas Sneha  1 Sharma Anupama  2


Page Numbers  11-22

Evaluation of Non Isolated DC-DC Boost Converter for Interfacing Solar Pv Panel

Hafs Musa Abubakar  1 Bako Abdullahi  1 Mustapha Imam Auwal  1 Naziru yahaya Muhammad  1 Isah Huzaifa  1


Page Numbers  23-41

Potential of Energy Efficiency and Conservation Measures in Residential Buildings in Ghana (Case Study of Student Hostel)

Yakubu Sufyan  1  2 Sadat Abdulai Anuware  2 Maclar Mathias  2 Atta Kuranchie Francis  2 Paskwali Beshir Latio Talib  1 Santino David Ladu Nyagong  3

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