Journal of Energy Conservation

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Page Numbers  1-12

The Fermi-Pasta-Ulam Quantum Recurrence in The Dynamics of an Elementary Physical Vacuum Cell and The Problem of its Polarization

A. A Berezin.  1


Page Numbers  13-44

Confirming Tonality at Residences Influenced by Wind Turbines

K.G. Palmer William  1


Page Numbers  45-64

Energy Conservation Measures in Heavy Trucks Freight Transport

Tageldin Hago Ahmed Suhail  1 Abdelrahman Rabah Ali  2


Page Numbers  65-73

Sustainable Urban Development – Conceptual Approach

Bhargava Akshey  1 Manchala Manjusha  2 Singhal Richa  3 Patel Unnati  4 Golhar Prachi  5

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