Journal of Bioinformatics And Diabetes

Journal of Bioinformatics And Diabetes

Journal of Bioinformatics And Diabetes

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About The Journal

The Journal of Bioinformatics and Diabetes (JBD) is an innovative, peer-reviewed, open access journal that publishes original research in all areas of bioinformatics and diabetes. JBD promotes the exchange of ideas between researchers and practitioners from diverse fields, such as bioinformatics, genetics, nutrition, epidemiology, and public health. 

JBD publishes high-quality, original research in the form of reviews, special issues, reports, case studies, and commentaries related to the use of bioinformatics and its applications in diabetes research and treatment. In addition, JBD welcomes innovative ideas, approaches, and methods regarding the application of bioinformatics in health care and related fields. The journal is committed to the promotion of interdisciplinary research, the development of new techniques, the sharing of best practices, and the advancement of health care delivery. 


Submission Process:

Manuscripts should be in the PDF format and submitted through Online Submissions Form available on its official website. All submitted manuscripts are sent for initial screening and if found suitable, it is sent for peer review, editorial review, and publishing for following the peer review process.


Scope of JBD:

Databases and Ontologies, Gene Expression, Genetics and Population, Analysis, Genome analysis, Immunology, Infectious diseases, Inflammation, Device developments, Diagnosis, Dietary interventions, Epidemiology, Food intake regulation, Gastrointestinal disorders, Genetics, etc.

Remaining Scope can be viewed at Aim and Scope  

Editorial Board: 

The Editorial Board of the JBD consists of experts in the various fields of diabetes and bioinformatics. The board is led by the Editor-in-Chief who is joined by an international group of experts from top academic, government, and medical organisations. These editorial board members are devoted to the journal’s effort to support the development and utilisation of cutting-edge technologies for the advancement of diabetes and bioinformatics research initiatives.


Instructions to Prepare your article:

Authors should submit manuscripts that have been formatted according to the guidelines provided in the Instructions for Authors. All manuscripts should include a detailed abstract, a statement of relevance to the field, a list of keywords, and references to other relevant works. It is also important that authors adhere to the formatting instructions provided in the instructions for authors in order to ensure that the manuscript is of a suitable quality. 


Advantages of publishing through us:

JBD also provides an open access platform for the dissemination of research, allowing authors to make their work immediately available to a wide readership. By publishing in JBD, authors benefit from fast publication times and a wide reach to global audiences. In addition, the journal has a rigorous peer review process to ensure that only high quality contributions are published. 



1. I was impressed by the swift services of the journal and easy navigation beginning from manuscript submission to galley proof. I would recommend future authors-"Consider this journal if you are wondering where to publish your scientific work". They are google scholar indexed and so you do not have to worry if your scientific work won't reach the community of other researchers.

Naiya Patel - Long Island University

2. Our experience working with OPEN ACCESS PUB is excellent. I strongly recommend to specialists in neurology and neuroscience to publish their research studies in this open access journal.

Orlando Castejon - Biological Research Institute

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